It's been over six years since we last saw Agent 47. For awhile we've begun to think he had hung up his black gloves for good. Fortunately Square Enix has made the call to the man with the barcode tattoo, and he answered back with Hitman: Absolution.

The demo at E3 had you walking through a Chinatown area searching for your mustachioed target. During the tutorial the game encouraged you to be either silent, loud, or somewhere in-between when it came to killing your target. I decided for my turn that I would take the stealth initiative, and that wound up taking lots of patience.

For this task I had to first blend in the crowd, and wait for the target to leave his gazebo area. Next I followed him to a back alley where two cops were hanging out. As the target started emptying his bladder the two cops left, which is when I snuck up behind the target, and killed him with my piano wire. I finished the job by dumping his body ina nearby dumpster and exiting Chinatown. The demo ended with giving you another chance to try and kill the target in a different way.

While it was obvious that there were still a couple bugs to work out in the game (as it crashed on me twice during gameplay), I could tell that the heart and soul of Hitman was still intact here in Absolution. The controls felt polished, as did the graphics. Its soundtrack also knew how to set the mood, as the classical music that played during Agent 47's entrance through Chinatown set off a sort of forboding that was about to be revealed.

Due out on November 20th on Xbox 360 and PS3 Hitman: Absolution is looking to take out another assassin with a specific creed. No one is certain who will come out on top, but one thing has always been true: Agent 47 is never the type to get himself eliminated by anyone.

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