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Rabbids Bring Theme Park Madness To Wii U

Rabbids Bring Theme Park Madness To Wii U

Those lovable fuzzy bastards have returned, only this time they've taken over their own theme park. Rabbids Land will have players take control of those furry bunny freaks as you compete in mini-games of various tasks, all with its trademark humor in full force.

For the demo at E3 two players compete in a music-based roller coaster ride, this time with fireballs. The person with the Wiimote will have to throw down their controls in a drum-like motion to the proper beat of the song, with each right note causing fireballs to be shot out of the coaster's back side. Meanwhile, the person with the WiiU controller will be controlling another Rabbid as they board behind the coaster. While doing so they have to avoid the fireballs that are being shot at them by turning the WiiU controller in a steering fashion.

So far the WiiU controls moved flawlessly, measuring my turns with relative ease. While the difficulty of avoiding these fireballs rose as the song reached its mid-point I didn't feel any sort of frustration while I was being burnt alive by the other Rabbids. The same cannot be said about the Wiimote controls, however. Many times I hit the right note with the Nunchuk, but the system wasn't reading this movement.

While there were a couple flaws to be found with the demo, I could not really stay mad at those goofy Rabbids after gameplay. I know that by the time Rabbids Land is released as a WiiU launch title that these kinks will be worked out in the long run. At this time there is no word as to what other mini-games people will be able to play, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more info as the months progress toward release day.

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