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July 2011

The Duke of the Nuke has returned with Duke Nukem Forever, tracking the good, the bad and the fugly with it. Were all those years of work worth the wait? Let's break it down into the proper three categories.

How does one of the most influential Japanese rock bands of all time celebrate their thirtieth anniversary? Simple: by paying tribute to the band that inspired them the most!

At E3's SEGA booth the majority of the attention was placed on its beloved mascot Sonic The Hedgehog. Surrounding itself with the blue one's games, toys, comics and cartoons it was clear that SEGA was going to go all out to celebrate Sonic's 20th anniversary in the gaming world. This year will see Sonic's latest adventure heading to PS3, Xbox 360 and 3DS in the form of Sonic Generations, where players will be able to play as both the current-gen Sonic and the classic-looking hedgehog.

Not even giant robots can stop the Bastards from recording their weekly show!