After spending 90 minutes getting our passes, finding the lanyards and scoping the press room NinJaSistah, Pandalicious and I have finally setting into the recent colonization of PAX East: the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. The lines are long, the funk is red & ripe and the games are in full effect. Also there is a giant inflatable Pikachu in the air. I am in my world!!!

It's 9:52 a.m. The show hasn't officially begun yet, but the crowds are already wild and crazy. Lines that seem to reach the lengths of the Charles River are everywhere, and confusion appears to be in full swing within both con-goers and press peeps. Thank God the bean bags are back, although they have yet to be scattered amongst the massive convention hall. The banter in the press room is loud and clear: it's time for the developers to take out the big guns and start blasting our minds away!

Check back here for our looks at 2K Games, Paul & Storm and more today, along with other possible goodies! It's time to rock out!

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