I got some great music from an awesome up-and-comer by the name of Sky Stevins. If you like techno and trance, then this will get your fix. These melodies are something that can get the crowd going, especially for some sexy time. Sky Stevins is not just pop, he's pop erotica.

This video was done last year, but as you can see he's got some good music coming at you. I talked to Stevins recently, and he sent me a couple songs to give to you guys to listen to. He also has another new song on his MySpace page that will be on his upcoming album, which should be released in the next couple months. Check out the links, and enjoy the sounds of Sky Stevins!

Sky Stevins's MySpace Profile!

Autumn Fire (new song)

Here are the other songs to check out and download for your own listening pleasure:

Drop It Down

Caught Up

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