Mortal Kombat


Episode CV: The Elite Gamers Of The Benevolent Press

What's better than have the Issues Program dudes show up to talk about the first half-year in gaming? How about...

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Episode LXXXVIII: And Starring Gary Busey As Stryker!

After a week off the Bastards return to the roundtable! It most pleases the Busey.

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The "Kombat" Is Bloody Back!

Even though I wasn't "allowed" to play Mortal Kombat as a child, I still did. The moves, the Fatalities and...

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Episode LXXXVII: If It Walks Like An Asshole, And It Talks Like An Asshole, Then It Must Be Phil Collins!

The Bastards bring you another fun-filled episode that is sure to turn your frown upside-down.

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