Irrational Games

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No Borders No Race: Episode Yon-Juu

Con season is nigh, and King Baby Duck prepares himself for the long haul! Crappy weather leads to a marathon...

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KBD's Top Ten Best Video Games of 2013

It's been a month since a new year of gaming began, so enough time has passed to make a fine...

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"Infinite" Beauty Masks Compelling Story, Dark Undertones

A familiar scene unfolded in the opening moments of BioShock Infinite. One lone lighthouse within a vast ocean, inside a...

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Episode CLXXVIII: Destro Gets The Shaft

The Vagabonds guest-star in this post-PAX East episode.

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Irrational Games Reveals "Bioshock Infinite" Soundtrack Details

Those who pre-ordered either of the special editions for Bioshock Infinite will receive a free copy of the original soundtrack,...

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E3 2011: Expect The Unexpected!

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is a whole different ballgame compared to PAX East. This is where the Big Three (Nintendo,...

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