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MANGA REVIEW | "Dandadan" - Volume Six

MANGA REVIEW | "Dandadan" - Volume Six

It’s a hell of a good sign when reading through nearly 200 manga pages goes by in a breeze. After all, when it comes to action series, the fights absolutely should be fast-paced. In the case of Dandadan and its sixth volume, not only does its page count run through quickly, but it also manages to deliver the absolute best that Yukinobu Tatsu has ever penned.

The volume wraps up the current conundrum involving childhood friend Jiji and the Evil Eye. Now filled with the being’s powers, Jiji transforms into an unstoppable foe. Both Momo and Okarun now must do what they can to separate Jiji from the Evil Eye. However, it becomes far too clear that this is a job that’ll be the duo’s most harrowing challenge yet.

At first, it’s Momo who goes one-on-one with Jiji. She tries her best to snap her friend out of his demonic possession, but it’s all for naught. Wherever Jiji may be in the Evil Eye, he can’t hear any of Momo’s pleas. Worse, there’s that massive serpent that the friends need to deal with, which is hard when Jiji is also now trying to end the lives of Momo and Okarun. Fortunately, it’s when the latter tags in when the action shifts into high gear!

There’s a very heartfelt moment between Momo and Okarun in this volume of Dandadan. On the surface, it’s just a vow of protecting a friend. However, when Momo takes hold of Okarun, there’s a look in their eyes that shows how near and dear they mean to one another. It results in a quick rescue mission that is both goofy and ingenious, with a little showcase of how well Tatsu has gotten with crafting funny faces.

But things quickly go back to a serious tone when Okarun and Jiji face off. It’s here when the action is at the series’s best, with every punch, kick, and stare down crafted with much care and precision. Nary a page of this battle is wasted, as Okarun showcases why he’s more of a badass than even he may realize. He’s also getting better with his words and put-downs, as he lists for Jiji the three big mistakes he made in the fight.

However, it’s Momo that’s the true hero of this volume. Her memory of the past brings out an idea of how to deal with the serpent. With a little fire and some quick thinking, Momo manages to conquer the serpent in the most wormy of ways. But then, chaos occurs, as a volcano erupts and a town finds itself in trouble. Suddenly, things get very wacky.

A “who’s who” of the Dandadan world shows up, and while only six volumes have been unleashed, there’s been some unique characters on display. Cow-loving aliens, sentient anatomical models, and even the tough granny Seiko even show up to deliver some supernatural justice. It all winds up concluding the Jiji and giant serpent story with the right amount of silliness, heart, and badass action. (It also throws in something very Rumiko Takahashi-ish in the end, and I won’t spoil which series I'm referring to here.)

Volume Six of Dandadan is a prime example of a page-turner. Its action is the best it’s ever been, and the heart of its characters is on full display. Although it has taken a bit for Dandadan to find its groove, this volume has shown that the story is now in full swing. Here’s hoping said swing will result in one grand slam of a narrative!


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