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Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 136 | Nick Hudson

Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 136 | Nick Hudson

It's been nearly three years since The Academy of Sun's Nick Hudson last invaded the Shameless Tuesdays playlist. The frontman brings his Ben Folds on Broadway sound & mentality to a brand-new solo album called Kanda Teenage Honey, coming out on March 15. The first taste of that honey can be heard on the leading single "For My Silence", a beautiful lament about apologizing for not being around during the bad times. Recorded in Georgia (the country, not the American state) in a former Soviet studio, Hudson's sneak peek shows delivers the beauty and tragedy that Kanda Teenage Honey will more than likely showcase. In the heat of protest, Nick Hudson gives us a new Shameless Tuesdays playlist that's brimming with righteous anarchy!

Here's what Nick has to say about this week's playlist:

"Songs of transcendence and songs of protest. I figured we find ourselves squarely within the epochal paradigm where we have never more needed both. So within this you'll find songs by indigenous American activists (Rest In Power, Klee), Slovenian agitators, Georgian post-punk bands both contemporary and Soviet (Hail Quemmekh! Sakartvelos gaumarjos), Icelandic gothic post-punk (Bjork's pre-Sugarcubes band KUKL who were signed to Crass Records), Canadian proto-riot grrl music, and raw howls in the name of queer rights courtesy of Hidden Cameras and others.

Juxtaposed with this ecstatic haul of social protest songs are pieces by Bjork, Meredith Monk, Massive Attack, Arvo Part, Lhasa De Sela, Ludwig Goransson and my friend Mark Carey, whose music soothes me when I've OD'd on geopolitics and its toxic, fraught overspill into our tense and anxious lives. Also as my queer anarchist author friend Dennis Cooper taught me twenty years ago - “as soon as you have power, disperse it” so I'm thrilled to be able to share with you beautiful, ingenious music by my friends – Lex Palth, Xtopher Webb and Panda, Gary Alumna, Grave Lines, Christopher Manning (Fotgjengeren).

I hope you'll enjoy this eclectic and colourful plethora. All of these beautiful creatures have influenced me in some way over the last few years either artistically, personally or both, and for that I'm tirelessly grateful. Have a beautiful week everyone. Fight war, not wars. Destroy what destroys us."

Take care and thank you so much,

For more information on Nick Hudson and The Academy of Sun, visit their official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check out a preview of Kanda Teenage Honey below via his Bandcamp!

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