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MANGA REVIEW | "Pass the Monster Meat, Milady!" - Volume One

MANGA REVIEW | "Pass the Monster Meat, Milady!" - Volume One

When finding that right significant other, it’s best to find some common ground. Perhaps it can be a shared hobby or interest, or maybe it’s a favorite author or film director. But when it comes to love, nothing beats finding someone with the same kind of food preferences. And it’s a good thing for Lady Melpheria Marchalrayd, who might have found a man who has a keen interest in the culinary art of cooking monster meat.

Pass the Monster Meat, Milady! starts off pretty bleak for Lady Melpheria, who is known all throughout the land as “the Voracious Villainess”. She loves cooking and eating monster meat, something that turns off just about everyone she comes across. Things are so dire for her, that she’s got one chance to find a suitor. Otherwise, it’s the nunnery for her! That’s when a monster attacks a banquet, and a surprising guest swoops in for the kill.

Entering with heroic pizazz is Aristide Rogier du Galbraith, better known as “the Blood-Mad Duke”. His monster-killing techniques take Lady Melpheria by surprise. Noticing blood on his face, the Lady informs the Duke to rinse his mouth quickly. When asked why, her monster-eating ways start spilling out like a waterfall. That’s when Lady Melpheria gets a reaction out of the Duke that’s completely left-field, one that’s filled with intrigue.

As the two clean up, the Lady and the Duke continue with their conversation about consuming monster meat. Not only do the facts surprise the Duke, but also of his stewardess Kauss. Of course, unlike the Duke, Kauss finds the idea of eating monster meat repulsive. That’s when Lady Melpheria pulls out a secret weapon: monster jerky! In return for her kindness, Duke Galbraith offers something wilder: his hand in marriage.

Much of Volume One of Pass the Monster Meat, Milady! is the setup to the narrative. You learn about Lady Melpheria’s ways, alongside her infamous reputation. There’s also her family, who fears that marrying a Duke might just be too much for her. But there’s very little to worry about concerning Duke Galbraith, despite his own infamous title. In fact, as this volume goes on, it turns out the Duke and the Lady are like birds of a feather!

However, reading through this volume might make some feel frustrated. Where a story like Delicious in Dungeon or any other food-related series will go to lengths to show the cooking process, this manga doesn’t even hint at the big reveal of Lady Melpheria’s techniques. Yes, she speaks of her cooking skills, but it’s another thing to actually watch them unfold. As such, readers may not have their hunger satisfied if they came to see a girl go full Julia Child on some behemoth carcasses.

Thankfully, it’s the bonding between the Duke and the Lady where Pass the Monster Meat, Milady! shines. A lot of series tend to take their time with romance, whereas this one gets straight to the point. Lady Melpheria knows that Duke Galbraith’s offer is her only chance at avoiding the cloister, and — thankfully — there’s enough about him that she likes that makes her take his marriage offer. The same goes for Duke Galbraith, whose toughness melts away when speaking with the Lady. (Also, some of Kauss’s reactions to the two are genuinely funny, to the point where it seems like this righthand man might just be teasing the Duke over his tastes.)

It doesn’t get to the full course in its first volume, but Pass the Monster Meat, Milady! does serve readers a delightful appetizer. Now that the two are betrothed, it’s clear that we’re just about ready to see the cooking magic be unveiled. Will it be a majestic sight watching Lady Melpheria cook, or will it be like finding out how a hot dog is made: best to be left unknown? Either way, I’m salivating!


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