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June 2023

It takes a rocket scientist to, well, make a proper rocket. Senku, Chrome, and the rest of the Kingdom of Science might have the smarts, but that doesn’t mean the answer will magically pop up automatically. As the penultimate volume

It was 1995 when Shaun the Sheep first appeared onscreen in Wallace & Gromit: A Close Shave. Since then, the Mossy Bottom Farm resident has outshined his Oscar-winning pals, with a bountiful of TV series, specials, movies, and even a

When a volume of Flying Witch arrives on one’s doorstep, it’s like a calm breeze during a hot summer day. You know your time with it will be short, and the wait for the next one will be long. But

Roman Angelos dresses to the nines because his jams are suave and serene. His latest remix album Supermarkets, Underwater is a reworking of his 2022 release Music For Underwater Supermarkets. Angelos takes the laid-back vibes of the original, and breathes

In order to gain the knowledge you need, you sometimes have to go back to school. Even if you are already a great assassin like Taro Sakamoto, that doesn’t mean that important info comes easy. As he and Shin find

The premise of POST VOID is fairly simple: keep on killing, and keep on moving to survive. Hesitate, and you die. Dilly-dally, and you die! Allow your severed head idol to deplete itself of health, AND YOU DIE!!! So yeah,

How far would you go to live a peaceful life? Would you travel to Hell and back just so that you can see your beloved again? Is death a far better option than stepping foot in a place no person

Poor, poor Anzu. First, she has her three favorite things taken away. Then, she’s forced to interact with hot guys that she has zero interest in. Now, she’s embarking on her most harrowing challenge yet: going on a date with

For the first time ever, King Baby Duck attempts something that he's been working a very long time to accomplish. Speaking entirely in Japanese, our host spills everything about how he came to love Japan. It all begins with his

When you want to be creeped out, Junji Ito’s your man. His stories, be it the short-form in The Liminal Zone or the long-form Dissolving Classroom, know how to give readers a good case of the goosebumps. His 2013 collection