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Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 110 | The Yets

Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 110 | The Yets

Listening to The Yets is like being trapped in a spiral. However, it's not a downward spiral, but rather one that lets one lie down and comfortably enjoy its 33 rpms. Their self-titled EP is a trip for the ears, as melodies and psychedelic sounds trickle through like a light shower on a cloudy day. From the mind-tickling "Lesser Evil" to the night-vibing "Fades to Gray", The Yets deliver a message about passing time while embracing everything life throws at us. But before we reach the center of that spiral, The Yets have graced us with a genre-defying Shameless Tuesdays playlist!

Here's what The Yets have to say about this week's playlist:

Our playlist is like test driving the car that dropped us off on the doorstep of “The Yets.” We‘ve always listened to a really diverse selection of music. If we had a mantra in this regard, it would be “good music knows no genre.” There’s lot’s of stuff on here you might expect from us and probably some you don’t. It’s tough to make a playlist in this light. We’ve got lots of playlists but they were made with that particular moment or purpose in mind. This playlist is different because it represents not only what we listen to, but what truly speaks to us as artists. Everyone’s got playlists of stuff that’s this or that, with no particular agenda other than we just like it. This list is about the stuff that moved us closer to the mark as artists.

These are all great songs for lots of very different reasons. We could talk for days about why we chose each song. Even longer about the bands and producers. There are lots of amazing singers and players on these tracks, but we picked these songs on the merit of the compositions and the raw impact of the songs themselves. Each has particular qualities that made an impression on us as “musicians” in its own way and opened doors only a great song can.

And last, but certainly not least, our playlist wouldn’t be complete without our friends, former bandmates, and fellow South Carolinians: Candy Coffins, The Transonics and Brandy and the Butcher.

We hope they speak to you too … Craig & Robin

For more information on The Yets, visit their official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Check out their self-titled EP below via their Bandcamp!

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