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Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 91 | Friendmaker

Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 91 | Friendmaker

It's easy to make friends in Ireland, especially if you've got a song in your heart. The quintet Friendmaker have the knack to bring people together in harmony, thanks in part to their powerful indie rock songs and epic vocals. This is evident in their most recent singles "Weird" and "You, Me and Everything Else", with sounds that call back to The Frames, People in Planes, and The National. Friendmaker's debut album is due to be out later this year, with these two songs showing a sign of the great things soon to come. We're delighted to have Friendmaker on this week's Shameless Tuesdays, who have crafted an exclusive playlist they've entitled "The Rising Irish"!

Here's what Friendmaker have to say with this week's playlist, which was curated by vocalist/guitarist David Marron:

There’s an assured confidence evident in the Irish music scene these days and rightly so. The standard is incredibly high as is the diverse variety on offer. This playlist is just a small sampling of what could’ve easily been hundreds of talented artists from Ireland.

Sophisticated production, adept lyricism and a willingness to explore new musical territory is the norm throughout all the artists’ offerings here. From the textural soundscapes of Just Mustard and The Claque or the Art-Rock playfulness of Silverbacks and So Cow to breakthrough world conquerors like Fontaines DC and Pillow Queens, there’s an effortless “cool”now present. A “cool’ we used to look beyond our own shores for. We’ve found a post-boom honesty now, and it suits us.

I’d argue for example that Cat Dowling has released one of the songs of the year already with ‘All that I can do’. Contemporary trad and folk disciplines are breaking new ground with the likes of David Keenan, The Gloaming, Lankum and Junior Brother pulling in gloriously unique directions. Need a Hip-Hop flavoured social commentary on modern Ireland? Kojaque’s got you covered with his absolute masterpiece Town’s Dead. A perfect balance of smarts and humour. The video is a must watch too and if you’re not dancing to this playlist by the time Houseplants, Æ MAK and Telefís have kicked in, then you’re doing it wrong. Scene’s dead? Turns out it was just dormant.

For more information on Friendmaker, visit their official website, Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and Bandcamp!

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