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PAX EAST 2022 | "WWI: Isonzo - Italian Front"

PAX EAST 2022 | "WWI: Isonzo - Italian Front"

The Great War gets lost in the shuffles of video game simulations and the like. M2H and Blackhill Games realized this, as they shone a light on World War I in their own series of battle-focused games. First, they went to the Western Front with Verdun, and then headed east to Tannenberg. Now, they head south with the third game in the series: WWI: Isonzo - Italian Front.

Isonzo’s demo at PAX East gave us the opportunity to experience some of its multiplayer elements. This mission had us focus on capturing enemy territory, and destroying their bunkers and respawn areas. With it being The Great War, the era of automatic and semi-automatic still wasn’t fully grasped. As such, these sorts of battles can go slightly slower, what with all the reloading the soldiers have to do.

But that aspect added to the strategy we needed to initiate while heading into battle. Going head-on towards the enemy could spell one’s doom, especially if their aim wasn’t great or they’re in the midst of reloading their gun. Running, hiding, and setting up traps plays a much bigger role here than simply shooting stuff. Take out a solider, and you’ve simply taken out a single man; take down a bunker, and you’ve put plenty more bullseyes on the enemies’ backs.

Taking things slowly in battle doesn’t sound like a great strategy, but it’s one that fits strongly with Isonzo’s motif. Sensing enemies, finding that perfect shot, and evading bullets while taking enemy territory for ourselves is all part of the plan to gain victory. When it happens, it delivers such a good feeling, unlike many of the more modern FPS shooters where it’s the fastest fingers who always come out on top. Because of this, Isonzo is shaping to be a first-person experience that gives equal ground to every player that storms the battle field.

Blackhill Games have done a good job with keeping things authentic in the past, and Isonzo appears to be keeping with the tradition. While I didn’t get to experience the more story-driven part of the story, I do know that we can expect stories based on real soldiers who were in the Italian Front. If the story presentation is as strong as its multiplayer element, then those looking for a more realistic Great War title will hopefully be satisfied.

WWI: Isonzo - Italian Front is due to be released on PC and consoles later this summer.


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