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PAX EAST 2022 | "McPixel 3"

PAX EAST 2022 | "McPixel 3"

In a world of video game heroes, there’s only one that reigns as King of the Jerks: McPixel! Ten years ago, the expert bomb defuser made waves and stole the hearts of every gamer he came across. However, after kicking one too many fans in the nuts got McPixel in hot water, our hero had to take some time to reflect on his actions. Finally, emerging from his mental prison, McPixel is back and bigger than ever in his follow-up: McPixel 3!

At the Devolver booth, self-proclaimed mad scientist Sos Sosowski was showing off the recent build of McPixel 3, as well as some exclusive levels premiering at PAX East. Besides diffusing bombs, McPixel now has to keep trains from crashing, tanks from exploding, and meteorites from crashing into spaceships. He also takes on some classic arcade brawlers, as well as star in an Emmy-nominated sitcom where we learn the importance of family. All of it, of course, is filled to the brim with the most bonkers visuals you will ever come across in any video game!

The fun of McPixel isn’t how you win, but rather what kind of shenanigans will happen if you lose. Yes, you will cause plenty of chaos and raise the death toll by thousands, but it’s all for a good cause: to laugh! And comedy is the strongest element McPixel 3’s demo had. Putting wigs on fishes, performing a killer guitar solo, winning a race by beating up all of the other competitors, and peeing on dogs are just some of the things you’ll find McPixel do, all for the sake of being funny!

As I was playing McPixel 3, a huge crowd of people formed before me just watching what sort of stuff this jerky hero did. Their reaction was non-stop laughter, to the point where certain moments resulted in loud applause by the viewers. So not only is McPixel 3 a blast to play, it’s also a hoot to watch!

There’s a lot of competition this year when it comes to video game sequels. With that being said, McPixel 3 is one upcoming game that deserves every ounce of attention. If what I experienced with the demo was any hint of what’s to come, then you can expect plenty gamers to pass out from laughing too hard at McPixel’s heroic, erm, douchbaggery!

McPixel 3 arrives later this year on PC and consoles. There is no McPixel 2, unless you count the levels where he poops out a bomb. Also, do not ask about Steve.


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