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PAX EAST 2022 | "Cursed to Golf"

PAX EAST 2022 | "Cursed to Golf"

Golf is a fun and competitive sport, and its video game incarnations deliver that same aspect almost every time. But what happens when you find yourself in a golf game of the more supernatural kind? Chuhai Labs’s Cursed to Golf takes a cue from Dante’s Inferno, and brings the game of strokes, birdies, and eagles to the land of the dead. And even if you’re a seasoned pro, it won’t be easy to take on these courses with normal skills.

Presented at the Thunderful booth, Cursed to Golf’s demo had me experience its prologue and first hole. You start out at a normal golf tournament, just a few stokes away from becoming the best in the world. Suddenly, on the final swing, you are stuck by lightning and die on the spot. When you come to, you find yourself face-to-face with a massive golf spirit in the middle of Golf Purgatory. And in order to get to Golf Heaven, you’ll need to keep on playing you clear all eighteen holes either below or under par.

These courses are filled with your run-of-the-mill hazards, from sand and trees to water. There are also explosions, fans, and other unnatural tricks that will keep you from getting to the green. Thankfully, you also will be given some special tricks, such as extra strokes, practice swings, and detonators to deal with some of those pesky traps. But the real way to win is to keep on hitting the ball until you get it in the hole.

The levels I played in Cursed to Golf had plenty of challenges for me to experience. From long sand traps to tricky zig-zagged tunnels, the trick to taking them down is knowing how hard to hit and how to angle them. It definitely takes a lot of practice to figure out a course, so one can expect to lose and replay this game on many occasions. Fortunately, there’s plenty of replay value to be found, even on those first couple of courses.

Thus far, Cursed to Golf is shaping to be a delightful spin on a classic sport. The mixture of skills and challenges it showcases will no doubt make it a title many will attempt to speed run in the future. With its charming visuals and fun story, Cursed to Golf will make even those stuck on the driving range aim to achieve for greatness on the green!

Cursed to Golf will be heading to PC and consoles later this year.


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