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I SUCK AT THIS GAME | "Gods Will Fall"

I SUCK AT THIS GAME | "Gods Will Fall"

The feat of men against gods has been showcased in Greek and Roman myths, not to mention a plethora of movies and video games. Gods Will Fall, a new top-down action game from newcomers Clever Beans, takes this concept and runs it through a massive gauntlet of power. As eight survivors of a shipwreck go head-to-head against deity behemoths, the quest to topple those who look from above the clouds should be a spectacle that’d make any gamer’s fingers wiggle with anticipation.

However, after spending the last couple of months playing Gods Will Fall, I find myself stuck in this quest. In fact, it appears that I can’t even get through any level past the tutorial! Once again, I’ve found myself in a fit of frustration over this insanely difficult game! Welcome, one and all, to another edition of “I Suck At This Game!”

Gods Will Fall 1

First off, the concept of Gods Will Fall is a pretty cool one. Players choose one of eight warriors to descend each cave that’ll lead them to a powerful god to slay. If they win, they’ll move on to the next area; lose, and that warrior will be stuck until someone else defeats the god in question. As you can choose any of the eight at any time (and said warriors are randomly chosen through each playthrough), players can come up with a proper strategy as to how to defeat each deity that stands in their way.

These warriors can range from your slender and quick soldiers to your slow-yet-tough tanks that pack a wallop! Sometimes there are connections between the warriors, which boost characters’ stats if their connected allied finds themselves in trouble. It’s a neat little mechanic that should aid any player towards a harrowing-yet-rewarding victory. However, that was never the case for me!

Gods Will Fall 2

Throughout countless playthroughs of Gods Will Fall, I had to witness my warriors taste utter defeat every single time. No matter what strategy I tried, I couldn’t defeat a single deity that stood in my way. Hell, there were times when even their minions became too overpowered to take on! What’s worse: when your warrior is defeated, the level resets. You don’t start off where the other hero finished; you’re forced to start at the beginning!

It wasn’t because my skills with a sword or axe were bad; quite the contrary, the controls in Gods Will Fall were excellent! From its heavy and throwing attacks to initiating a parry, the way you face off against these enemies is some of the smoothest top-down action I’ve come across in recent memory. Picking up weapons and other helpful elements also are a cinch, as well as gaining more HP from fallen enemies. However, the problem comes from the difficulty of the enemies.

Gods Will Fall 3

Too many times, I saw my warrior become completely outnumbered in battle, as their HP dropped to zero before my eyes. While taking care of one enemy has the right amount of challenges in places, having others join in on the fight leads to complete chaos! While you’re in the midst of jabbing one enemy, another stands behind or beside you to keep you from fully initiating the attack. Even worse is when the boss battles happen.

One of the cool things about Gods Will Fall is that the more enemies you kill, the weaker the boss will be when it comes time to face them. However, even when you’ve defeated dozens upon dozens of monsters and soldiers, the boss would still have roughly 3/4 of its health left. An okay amount, if it weren’t for the fact that it’s challenging enough just to get a single hit on them! Taking on the Bone Realm’s god Osseus was the worst out of all of them, as finding their weak spot whilst they’re attacking is next to impossible!

So after spendings days that turned into weeks failing at Gods Will Fall, I realized that it was time to give up on this quest. Not a single one of these deities met their maker, leaving every one of my warriors lost in their realms for all eternity. The game is very good; I’m just not good at it. With that, all I can truly declare is “I SUCK AT GODS WILL FALL!”


Promotional consideration provided by Thomas Schulenberg of Tinsley PR. Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch.

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