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Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 48 | Ethan Gold

Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 48 | Ethan Gold

In a society where we need to be a little more friendly to one another, LA's Ethan Gold has the perfect formula to get the smiles flowing. His latest song "Our Love is Beautiful" is all about human solidarity, where working together can make the world both turn and evolve for the better. His soft Wayne Coyne-like vocals and simple guitar plucks bring together a joyful sound that will unify any broken pathway towards a happier society. To keep that positivity flowing, Ethan Gold has put together a new Shameless Tuesdays playlist!

Here's what Ethan has to say about this week's song collection:

We’re all trying to heal here. I feel like the pandemic is an opportunity (if we take it) to reset our priorities. More towards connection and honoring people we care for.

As an artist who’s been through a series of traumas personally, I feel my love of the world in microcosm in my love for people I’ve worked with musically. Some of these people on this playlist I’ve produced or engineered or mixed their music (Elvis Perkins, Let’s Go Sailing, Echo Falls). Some I’ve played keyboards, or bass, or guitar for them, or sang on their records (the Size Queens, Egil Olsen, The Honey Brothers, Amanda Palmer). Some have performed on my songs (John Grant, the Staves, Gemini Rising, Mileece, Miranda Lee Richards, Victoria Theodore, CJ Emmons).

Some have been music business collaborators (My Bus, Butterfly Child, The Webb Brothers, Oona, Andras Jones). Some have performed on my soundtrack albums (Jon Hassell, Fred Frith, Fitz drummer John Wicks). Some have been compatriots in creating shows from Los Angeles to Scotland (Charlie Clark, Astrid, Andrew Vladeck). One (Elliott Smith) was my first musical meeting when I moved to Los Angeles and was asked to audition for his last band and ended up just hanging out and playing my classical piano stuff for him and he was a gentleman along with being a genius.

These are friends, co-conspirators, and people I admire and care about. And in these times of disintegration, the integration that comes from connection with other people is what I wanted to do for a playlist. Just, people I’ve loved making music with. So, a playlist for friendship.

For more information Ethan Gold, visit his official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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