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Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 21 | Your 33 Black Angels

Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 21 | Your 33 Black Angels

A loud electronic beep is heard high from the sky. Is it an alien invasion, or a secret message from far beyond space? Nay, it is a third possibility: the New York-based electro-rock band Your 33 Black Angels! A blend of new-wave sounds and beautifully orchestrated dream pop, the quartet brings together melodies that speak both to every galactic race imaginable. (Yes, even the robot ones!) Their upcoming album Eternities I (in stores May 7th) asks the question "What happens after Yoshimi defeats the pink robots?", and does so with a tone both dark and hope-inducing. To celebrate their upcoming release and short US tour, Your 33 Black Angels is taking over this week's Shameless Tuesdays playlist!

Here's what vocalist/guitarist/synth/percussionist Josh Westfal has to say about this week's playlist:

Hi I'm JW from Your 33 Black Angels...I've never made a playlist before, so this is exciting. The theme of this list is futuristic, forward-thinking pop songs made by bands I've seen recently or (mostly, in this case) by friends, or tangential-almost-friends, some of whom happen to make TOP JAMS. Listen, people, if you don't know Ana Frango Electrico from Rio de Janeiro, or We Melt Chocolate from Firenze, or Dyr Faser, from some city in the USA [editor's note: they're from Boston} -- have at it!

Mauvais Oeil is playing a song from the Y33BA catalogue, which was written for them, so it's really the Mauvais Oeil catalogue, but I want those sweet French droites autoraires. And argent. But it's not a droit unless you claim it. DROITS DROITS DROITS pour tout le monde forever. And beijos to all you people on the web...

Future Sounds of NOW!! track list:

  1. DYR FASER - All By Heart
  2. YOUR 33 BLACK ANGELS - Hott Funn
  3. AVA LUNA - Childish
  5. VALLENS - Sin So Vain
  6. THE VELDT - It Breaks My Heart
  8. MAUVAIS OEIL - Black Mass Holiday
  9. LA FEMME - Sphynx
  10. YOUR 33 BLACK ANGELS - Glamour
  11. NEGRO LEO - Action Lekking A
  12. VERMES DO LIMBO - Vestigio Imposivel
  13. B-17 - Another Nocturnal Day
  14. THE HICKEYS - Lights
  16. SKIP SKIP BEN BEN - Macherie
  17. WE MELT CHOCOLATE - Summer Owl
  18. A.R. KANE - A Love From Outer Space
  19. THE HOMESICK - Gucci Gucci
  20. GAZ COOMBES - Oxygen Mask
  21. New Aura - Everything Was Gone
  22. Yvette - Calm and Content
  23. Death Grips - Streaky
  24. Deakfids - Templo do Caos
  25. Arca - Fish
  26. Young Fathers - Wire

For more information on Your 33 Black Angels, visit their official Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter, and Instagram! Click here to preorder Eternities I via their Bandcamp! Check out their upcoming tour dates below to see if they're coming to a town near you!

  • May 9 Saratoga Springs, NY - Desperate Annie's
  • May 10 Brooklyn, NY - Alphaville Brooklyn *** album release party (with Haunted Horses NYC, Activity, My Favourite Things)
  • May 25 Ottawa, ON - Bar Robo
  • May 26 Toronto, ON - Baby G
  • June 20 Lowell, MA - Uncharted (with New Aura, The Abyssmals, Love Strangers)
  • June 21 Boston, MA - Dorchester Art Project (with New Aura)
  • June 22 Albany, NY - The Low Beat (with New Aura, The Abyssmals)
  • June 23 Brooklyn, NY - Sunnyvale (with Heavy Birds, New Aura and The Abyssmals)

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