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"Attack On Titan" A Bloody, Action-Packed Monster

"Attack On Titan" A Bloody, Action-Packed Monster

At Anime Boston last month there was one series that I kept running into at just about every corner of the convention: Attack On Titan. Whenever conversing with cosplayers and regular con-goers this series was uttered from their lips with such enthusiasm at least five times during a discussion; hell, even the guys at FUNimation couldn't stop raving about it, especially since they obtained the home video license for America. Finally I decided that it was time to sit down and see what all the fuss was about by watching one episode of the show. Then something happened: I couldn't stop watching it.


Attack On Titan takes place in a world somewhat similar to the Renaissance era. Three giant walls have been built around the countryside, keeping massive human-like monsters known as Titans from coming in, eating the people, and destroying all that is standing. One day a Colossal Titan appears, smashing open one of the walls, and unleashing an army of these giants unto the people. Eren Jaeger and his foster sister Mikasa Ackerman witness the damage, and watch helplessly as Eren's mother is consumed by one of the Titans. Eren swears vengeance, promising that he himself will kill every last one of these giants.

The action flashes forward five years later, with Eren, Mikasa, their friend Armin joining the Army to help take down the Titans and protect the city. Soon after they've finished training for the Recon Corps the Colossal Titan appears once more, taking down the cannons that were to be used against the giants. As the city of Trost evacuates Eren, his friends, and the rest of the Recon Corps to kill them all. However the human casualties becomes too high to count, with Eren seemingly becoming just another body consumed by a Titan, and all hope being lost. Suddenly a Titan appears to fight other Titans, with the Corps doing everything they can to stand aside and let the beast do what most of them can't. When the possibly-heroic Titan dies, Eren emerges from the back of its neck, with his friends and fellow soldiers confused as to who or what he really is.

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