HomeVideo Games“Scribblenauts” On Wii U Promises To Be “Unlimited”

“Scribblenauts” On Wii U Promises To Be “Unlimited”

“Scribblenauts” On Wii U Promises To Be “Unlimited”

The world of Scribblenauts has enthralled gamers on their DS systems and iOS phones. At the end of the year the unique franchise hits the WiiU with its latest incarnation: Scribblenauts Unlimited.

Unlike past Scribblenauts games Unlimited will take place in a side-scrolling open world, as you find quests from the townsfolks to use your magical notebook to solve puzzles in many ways. Also new to the game is a more in-depth descriptive system that can let you customize your creations in just about any way possible. You want a purple toaster that rolls on the ground via skull-power? How about a pink triceratops wearing a top hat that breathes ice? You can have them, and more.

In the demo I had to help a boy scout earn a few badges by doing four tasks: cut a log, put out flames on a dummy, heal said dummy, and then use a weapon to hit the proper target. I gave the boy scout a pink chainsaw to cut the log, a water pistol to douse the flames, bandages to heal the dummy, and a crossbow to hit the target (which also took out a satellite). After earning my star I was able to dive deeper into the custom section by creating a giant blue plaid monkey that floats around the area.

While the demo lasted for a short period of time, I could tell that the overall nature of what Scribblenauts is all about is still intact, and with a more powerful system like WiiU being used to play it you can be sure that the vocabulary and amount of words you can combine to create your characters and creations will expand to greater lengths. Scribblenauts Unlimited will be released around the time WiiU drops this holiday season, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for an official release date soon.

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