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Raise Destructive Havoc In Iron Galaxy’s “Wreckateer”

Raise Destructive Havoc In Iron Galaxy’s “Wreckateer”

Titles such as Crush the Castle and Angry Birds have given us hours upon hours of destructive joy, so what happens when the genre moves its way into the console realm? Iron Galaxy has given us one such scenario: the Xbox-exclusive Wreckateer.

Using your Kinect players will have to aim, fire, glide, drop, and explode their weapons of mass destruction upon castles filled with goblins and other mocking creatures. Your arsenal range from the like of regular boulders, explosive rounds, and even gliding orbs. As the game progresses, new sorts of rounds will be unlocked.

At E3 I had the chance to give three levels of Wreckateer a go. To grab my launcher I had to get as close to the TV as the Kinect would allow me to and put my hands together. Walking backwards had me pull back the sling so as to create a more powerful launch. Veering myself left and right put my aim into the direction I most wanted my ammo to go. By spreading my arms wide I left my ammo go, sending it flying towards the enemy.

While my regular boulder was flying I could add a spin to it by moving my hands around its area. If I had an explosive round I could let it go and hit the building & explode on contact, or I could put my arms in a steeple position and have it explode in the air. The same position with the glider round will let its wings out, and can be maneuvered around via my arms in a winged position.

The more damage you wreck, the more points you earn in the end, with players earning something between a bronze and gold medal for your damage. Achievements can also be discovered, as I found one in the third level by destroying a house hidden between the wall and the castle. You can also hit shields floating in the air to earn up to 10X damage points in the long run.

From what I have seen so far in Wreckateer it looks to be the sort of game that players of all ages would fall in love with. Fans of those other destructive games they have on their phones will be enthralled with its humor and gameplay mechanics. While it may not be the type of game that will have players clamoring for a Kinect, those who already own one will have a blast playing it when it hits the Xbox Live Arcade is summer.

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