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Latest Trip To "Tropico" A Treat For Sim Fans

Latest Trip To "Tropico" A Treat For Sim Fans

It’s time for you return to office and take charge in the land of Tropico in Kalyspo media’s newest installment in the Tropico series, Tropico 4!

The title can be compared to early Sim City titles as it is a construction and management simulation video game, which focuses around a city building simulation. Like previous titles in the series, the game centers on a customizable main character that goes by the title of "El Presidente" - the dictator that runs the island banana republic. “El Presidente” is customizable all the way down to his political stance and foreign policies. But let’s dive further into the game and speak of The Positives, The Negatives, and the Areas of Improvement needed.

Tropico 4 may not look or feel different from its predecessor, but the improvements made under the hood make this game a must-buy for hardcore and casual fans of Tropico 3, or anyone that loves to get lost in a solid management style simulation. This game is just what the fans of the series and the genre in general want and expect. A fun, relaxing game with solid graphics and gameplay which is complex enough to keep you occupied, but not frustrated. Tropico 3 was nigh on perfect and the developers just built a little bit on that foundation. Some will argue it's the same old game, but if it ain’t broke why should you try and fix it? A major overhaul often results in destroying what used to be an entertaining and fulfilling game...If you liked the previous versions of the game, you'll enjoy this one just as much.

The Good:

As a “noob” to the world of Tropico, I found that this game was very easy to pick up and jump right into. I found the tutorials to be helpful and full of information which was very easy to follow. Being very new to computer gaming I felt comfortable putting down The Sims 3 and making the transition to Tropico 4 without question very smooth.

The customization of El Presidente is a gem which brings this game a bright and colorful experience. El Presidente can wear sweatpants and be environmentally friendly, or he could wear a pirate’s garb and be focused on foreign policy. The one thing that would improve the experience of El Presidente would be to bring him to life, be able to bring him around the country and visit people, dedicate buildings, maybe even kiss a couple of babies?

The Bad:

With Tropico 4, it can be hit or miss. This real-time autocracy sim is defined by its model type quality. Like a Sim City your job as El Presidente is to set up the layout and watch the magic unfold. With that being said, after a full play through as El Presidente, I don’t feel as if there were any way for me to pull my struggling tropical island out of the clutches of poverty. It seemed to me no matter what I exported it seemed to me that I would go negative the minute the boat would leave. Maybe this was me I am unsure.

The Ugly:

I cannot say that I find anything that I really have a major gripe with in Tropico 4. So this is something I am going to have to pass on.

Overall, Tropico 4 is a wonderful addition to the Kalypso Media collection you PC gamers have already began building. For you fans of the Sim City titles of the early 2000’s who are looking to get back into the strategy and building games, passing up Tropico 4 would be silly!

Graphics: 9.5

Sound: 10

Presentation: 8

Replay Value: High

Final Rating: A

Written by Guest Columnist Quicksilv3r, whose Structure Gaming website will be launching later in the year

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