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Stem Cells Without Death?

Stem Cells Without Death?

“The controversy surrounding stem cell research might soon be moot, with new research showing that ordinary skin cells can be transformed into an equivalent of embryonic stem cells, which have been the focus of research because of their ability to become any kind of cell in the human body.” So says Discover Magazine’s online article .

By turning ordinary skin cells into stem cells, there would be no need to harvest embryonic stem cells; and thus, as a whole, we could move past the controversy and focus on how to improve health and quality of life.

The Guardian had an article, from May of 2004, about how stem cells, taken from the patient, could be used to regenerate lost teeth.  So, this is not a new line of thought. Tooth growth has already been performed successfully on mice, in a matter of weeks, whereas it is expected to take a couple of months for growth to be completed in humans.

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