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Video Game Mascot of the Decade: 2000-2009

Video Game Mascot of the Decade: 2000-2009

The 80's belonged to Mario, the 90's to Sonic.  Ten years, thousands of games, but only one character can truly be the most memorable.

There's a lot of good candidates out there for video game character of the decade.  You've got your Sam Fishers and your Master Chiefs, but when one thinks of a video game mascot thoughts of warm fuzziness should come to mind; not a crazy gun-toting motherfucker.

Sorry, Chief, but not even intimidation can stop me from choosing you over this character for video game mascot of the decade.  Besides, the character I'm choosing is a lot crazier than you, especially if he's got a plunger handy.

My choice for video game mascot of the decade has been featured in four fun-filled games thus far, and continues to entertain people in the craziest of fashions.  His goofy smile and furry attitude cannot be ignored when he's in the room, and his lovable charm is what makes him the ideal choice for video game mascot of the decade.  That's why I am happy to announce that this title will go to...

Admit it: the Rabbids have become one of the most recognizable video game characters of the decade.  In fact their popularity has even overshadowed Rayman, the protagonist in the first two Rayman: Raving Rabbids games.  They're cute, funny and just plain damn insane.  On top of that the video games have been nothing but pure joy.  Yesterday Nenya, Sio-chan and myself spent a good three hours non-stop playing the Rabbids games, and we were having a blast playing; while at the same time trying not to lose our concentration from laughing too much.

The Rabbids are so irresistible that -- as ashamed I am to admit it -- I would be more than glad to spend $10 at the theater to see a movie about them. If you don't believe that they'd make a good motion picture, then I suggest you check out this video.

Now do you believe me?

Though the Rabbids may never overshadow the likes of Mario and Sonic anytime soon, it'll be no time at all when they reach the ranks of the Nintendo and Sega mascots.  In fact I bet by their next game the Rabbids will reach that sort of status.  The Rabbids: so deranged that you just can't help but love them.

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