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December 2009


When this demo ended up on the list for Xbox 360, all I could say is “W.T.F. is this!!!” Well seeing that “Jurassic” is in the title, I thought it was a game that came out of nowhere for “Jurassic Park”; but nope I was wrong.  It’s just random-ass game of a protection of your character in a FPS (first-person shooter), mindlessly killing dinosaurs that keep coming after you and tearing down barricades.  You start off with a simple pistol, but like I said they have a Gatling gun.

Though no tour dates will be announced until 2011, one of Japan's most popular bands knows how to keep themselves busy and their fans appreciative.


The demo that I found for this game was awesome, but apparently Xbox made a mistake of putting it up on the demo’s, so I downloaded just for you the readers.