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I’m Tripping On the Bobsledding!

I’m Tripping On the Bobsledding!


The demo that I found for this game was awesome, but apparently Xbox made a mistake of putting it up on the demo’s, so I downloaded just for you the readers.

Personally going into this game I have my doubts, because I have seen me a lot of horrible versions of winter sports; from snowboarding, skiing, Olympics, and so on. But this one actually caught my attention, except for some of the character graphics for movement. The in-game graphics are pretty impressive, and of course the set up of the game has all of eight games. The demo gave me two of the eight, so I guess that isn’t too bad. The eight games that you’re able to play are Bobsled, Snowboard Cross, Freeride Skiing, Ski Flying, Downhill Skiing, Figure Skating, Biathlon, and Short Track. The two that I was able to try in the demo game was Bobsled and Freeride Skiing.


Since I was younger I have always wanted to bobsled, and I have to say that this game basically gave me the satisfaction of living that dream. The main thing is that I wasn’t expecting it with three other people doing it with me. With this game they didn’t give you the satisfaction of laying down on your back one a single sled; this one did the four-man set up. You and three other people try and run as fast as you can to get in the sled in the correct order and go downhill as fast as you can, along with the guys helping you with the turning. Now the way they have it start up is you have to click the right and left trigger as fast as possible, then get your guys in one by one, and a blue dot that comes over the simulated version of your sled. As soon as you’re done with that part, you sit back and enjoy the right. If you suffer from motion sickness, this might not be your game. If you like the feeling of obtaining an adrenaline rush like you’re going on a roller coaster ride, this is the game for you.

The graphics are just beautiful for the in-game setup. On the setup for doing the bobsled, you don’t get a blurring effect of the background like you would with all the rest of the games that deal with racing. They really had that down pat.


For the Freeride Skiing, which was definitely interesting by itself, it gives you the capabilities of being able to do tricks off these 5 to 6 foot kickers. This was wicked cool, but on the control capabilities I felt it to be kind of hard to do the multitasking to get the guy to jump and do a trick at the same time. (Suggestion: they have directions before doing the “Disciplines” on that sport.  Believe me: they help!)  Other than that the Skiing Freeride is also very impressive.  Hopefully if I get a full copy of this game, I will be able to comment how the rest of it turned out. So far this game deserves both thumbs up.

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