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I Liked It Better When There Were Nazi Zombies, But At Least It Has a Gatling Gun!

I Liked It Better When There Were Nazi Zombies, But At Least It Has a Gatling Gun!


When this demo ended up on the list for Xbox 360, all I could say is “W.T.F. is this!!!” Well seeing that “Jurassic” is in the title, I thought it was a game that came out of nowhere for “Jurassic Park”; but nope I was wrong.  It’s just random-ass game of a protection of your character in a FPS (first-person shooter), mindlessly killing dinosaurs that keep coming after you and tearing down barricades.  You start off with a simple pistol, but like I said they have a Gatling gun.


Of course when you’re going through the waves of killing the dinosaurs you get new weapons, but no perks from what I saw. It’s like the Nazi Zombies in “Call of Duty: World at War” and I know that there are tons of people that love playing this type of game where you keep going up levels upon levels. It will most likely get boring, but all I can say is at least the people who thought of a price for a game they didn’t jack up the price for the usual 60 bucks. It’s not a bad price considering, but it’s probably a game that doesn’t have enough replay value.  It will get tiresome.

jurassclc dinosaurepic

These guys also had a great idea of putting up this demo, but it doesn’t a New Game setting on it; ergo you can’t try the actual set up.  The game section I have been talking about is called Survivor. This is pretty dumb on the part of the people to put up the demo; though I do get to see how the graphics are and how the dinosaurs move. But if you want to see what the game is really about, you can watch this link that brings you to a video on YouTube that deals with the game. I guess it’s a concept of two military guys and a tech woman that are flying in a C-130 plane. Then they have their little monologue that deals with them looking for a ship…in the Bermuda Triangle, of all places. What seems to be turbulence actually turns out to be some kind of electrical storm/mystical powers of the Bermuda Triangle. The character comes through wondering why dinosaurs are around, and then he starts to walk around. His objective is to look for survivors, but then he comes upon some bones.  He sees the jacket, and figures out that it’s his friend.  Of course, hilariously, seeing this is a game that will be played by the kiddies he says “What the FOXTROT is going on here?!” (I couldn’t stop myself from laughing at that one.)  I have to say a lot of the stuff he’s saying out loud to himself is kind of obvious, but yet again some people need to have the story explained in this type of dialogue to get what’s going on.

With this game looking the way it is, it seems that I can only rate it so much.  I’ll give it one thumb for now.  The demo is all right, but having a survivor-type game on the side was an okay idea. But as I have said before on the Podcast -- and if companies could listen to me about putting their best foot forward on these demos to make our mouth water a little more -- they would have more people buying these games. Yet they also need to make a better game in the quality sense, but there are tons of people coming out of college and the woodworks to make video games, and I guess you got to start somewhere on producing games, and this is where they can get picked up to do good on one of the bigger-type gaming companies.

Company – Activision

Consoles – Ps2, Ps3, Wii, Xbox 360

Type – Action, Adventure

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