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An Introduction To The Brigade

An Introduction To The Brigade

Hey there folks, NinJaSistah here and I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to some friends.  You probably know King Baby Duck from the ESH site, but he not only is part of the ESH Crew, but he has a crew all his own that I'm happy to introduce you to: The Boston Bastard Brigade.The Boston Bastard Brigade is kinda like ElectricBrotherHood, a kick ass podcast and blog run by hosts King Baby Duck and Blueonic with a bunch of bastards stopping by on a regular basis.  Be ready to laugh your ass off with King Baby Duck, Blueonic, Pink Taco, Anvil, Shades Blackflame, Leraine, and more each week as they talk about everything under the sun and then some.

I'll give you a taste right now, here is Episode 1 of the Boston Bastard Brigade Podcast: If This Were A TV Show, This Would Be The Pilot

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