Dead Island

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E3 2014 One-On-One Extravaganza!

A deluxe edition of One-On-One is coming your way, as King Baby Duck chats with the folks behind The Witcher...

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"Dead Island" Pseudo-Sequel Tosses Sugar & Salt Into Bloody Wounds

Like most of you out there I was taken aback by Techland's Dead Island when released back in 2011. Its...

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Deep Silver Gets Chamillionaire For "Riptide" Rap

In preparation for Dead Island Riptide, the sequel to the popular 2010 zombie action-RPG game the folks at Deep Silver...

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"Dead Island" Sequel Announced, Priced

One of last year's biggest games is already coming out with a sequel.

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Deep Silver Announces "Dead Island" Ryder White Campaign

Just when you thought Dead Island couldn't get any bigger, its publisher has announced a new storyline for your zombie...

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Episode CXIV: Where Are All The Sharp Things?

The Vagabonds stop by the Bastard realm for an all-new episode.

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"Dead Island" A Near-Perfect Getaway

Saying the hype for Dead Island was big is a great understatement. Gamers and developers rushed like moths to the...

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Final "Dead Island" Trailer Hits The Web

Can you wait one more week for the zombie insanity to begin? The folks at Deep Silver hopes one more...

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Co-Op Trailer Revealed For "Dead Island"

From the trailer that shook the world to going hands-on with it at E3 everything about Dead Island has excited...

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"Dead Island" Demo Leaves Stronger Zombie Cravings

We've all seen the trailer, and snippets of the game have been shown here and there. At E3's Square-Enix mega-booth...

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