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MANGA REVIEW | "RADIANT" - Volume Seventeen

MANGA REVIEW | "RADIANT" - Volume Seventeen

After a long and harrowing wait, the RADIANT gang have finally reunited. It feels like almost forever since Seth, Doc, Mélie, and Ocoho have been in the same spot. (In fact, with the rate Tony Valente’s series gets released in English, it might have actually been years!) But in its seventeenth volume, our heroes are back together!

But it’s not an easy road back. Seth’s brother Piodon first arrives at the Domitors’ lair, and starts raising havoc. Since Grimm is close to handing Seth to the enemies, the time to strike is nigh. Meanwhile, Doc and Ocoho set off to find Mélie, who in the midst of a strange spell. But Ocoho’s got two problematic allies to aid in the quest: the former Domitor Lupa and Seth’s older wizard brother Diabal.

Piodon showcases just how terrifying his skills are, as he takes out one Domitor after another with great ease. It shakes even Grimm, who is often a little too confident for his own good, with him showing a little fear for what might be the very first time. The battle is chaotic, and it’s showcased with the unique level of detail we’ve come to expect from Valente. However, it’s not the action that’s the most impressive thing about RADIANT; it’s its heart.

That is placed on display when it comes to both Ocoho and Mélie. Ocoho finally being reunited with Seth fills her with uncontrollable joy, as the horned boy reassures her that he’s all right. And within Mélie's heart comes a new personality, one that may be warm, but could have a hidden side. (Those eyes of hers may bring extra trouble sooner rather than later.)

It all leads up to that big reunion, with Doc complaining his way through a bountiful of chaotic situations. Thankfully, it’s a happy reunion for just about everyone, with the team back together and a plan to escape now in the works. Like I said, it’s been a long time coming for this meetup, and I’m glad to see that it’s finally occurred. And with just about everyone having learned some new technique, one hopes that it could lead to an impressive fight against the Domitors in the near-future.

There’s quite a bit to unpack in the seventeenth volume of RADIANT. On top of that, there are even other key players who show up towards the end that could make the end of this arc very interesting (especially the trio of Shoan, Alcille, and Dart). But now with the main gang finally together, this fight with the Dormitors may soon reach its climax. Knowing past epic RADIANT fights, it’s bound to be one that’ll have readers at the edge of their seats!


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