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MANGA REVIEW | "Love’s in Sight!" - Volume Five

MANGA REVIEW | "Love’s in Sight!" - Volume Five

Man, talk about the feels Love’s in Sight! has been able to deliver. From Yukiko and Kurokawa’s cute pairing to showcasing the flaws in society from a disabled person’s perspective, Uoyama’s series has managed to give readers plenty to fawn, cry, and think over. That level of storytelling hasn’t stop in its fifth volume, where a light is shone on two of Yukiko’s coworkers. And yes, grab a box of tissues.

It all starts with Yukiko wanting to bond with Kurisu, a coworker that barely speaks and keeps to himself. After an accidental run-in with him, Yukiko hands Kurisu a recorder, and tells him to listen and return it whenever he wants. But there’s a problem: Kurisu is planning to quit that very day. Fortunately, he’s got someone in his corner, in the form of the burger joint’s boss Sao.

Before coming to work at the restaurant, Kurisu was a shut-in. For seven years, the guy almost never left home. It was Sao who brought Kurisu in, giving him a chance to experience a new side of life. But because of both mental and physical abuse, the outside world is a scary place for Kurisu. Even after Sao’s pep talk, Kurisu’s got plenty of doubt in his heart. That’s where Yukiko’s recorded message comes in, one that both fills him with confidence and makes him make a final decision.

Although he’s a newcomer to Love’s in Sight!, Sao has already climbed his way towards the title of MVP of this manga. We learn from his back story on why he gives people like Yukiko and Kurisu a chance to work, and it’s a tale filled with regret and relatable “what ifs”. It’s a solid story about why we must always remind everyone that there’s a reason for their existence, as it’ll keep them on a pathway of positivity. (Sao also makes a solid point of how living requires money, so we should get money for being alive. Make this man Prime Minister, dammit!)

Of course, this is a story about the lovey-dovey couple of Yukiko and Kurokawa, and we get plenty of moments between the two of them. When Kurokawa first visits Yukiko’s workplace, her coworkers wonder why she’s dating such a delinquent. After a poor choice of words, Yukiko properly puts her prince on a throne, as she spews about every moment of kindness he has given her. And that kindness continues, when Kurokawa reveals that he’s learning how to drive to continue helping out Yukiko. But while flattered with the gesture, our visually-impaired princess would rather have her white knight do something else with that license…

There’s more to what happens in Love’s in Sight!’s fifth volume, but I must keep it silent. However, please believe me when I say that Uoyama’s story just keeps getting better as it progresses. The heart, the spirit, and the funny bone of this series is just as strong here as it was in its premiere chapters. If it manages to keep on showcasing this strength in its final two volumes, I will happily declare Love’s in Sight! one of the greatest manga rom-coms ever written.


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