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MANGA REVIEW | "Mission: Yozakura Family" - Volume Eight

MANGA REVIEW | "Mission: Yozakura Family" - Volume Eight

When one is about to dive into a big mission, it’s sometimes good to have a balance of training and relaxation beforehand. Yes, being fully prepared for battle is fine and dandy, but if it’s a mission that’s bound to be deadly, perhaps it’s good to get one more moment of zen before diving into the flames of war. That’s the feeling I got reading through the eighth volume of Mission: Yozakura Family, as these spy siblings plan to infiltrate Tanpopo.

Each Yozakura has their own way to prepare for war. Some like to tinker with science, some play video games, and a couple enjoy relaxing with a nice warm bubble bath. But Taiyo’s got a lot of work to do before the mission, which is why Mutsumi and her grandparents are beating into him every lesson they can think of. It all leads up to the awakening of a new power, known as The Blooming. And yes, it’s cooler than you can even imagine it!

There’s other means of relaxation that happens at the Yozakura household. A game of cards for the prize of a tasty treat, a cherry blossom viewing, and even some heart-to-heart chats. Despite him constantly wanting to kill Taiyo, Kyoichiro puts a lot of trust into him for his part of the big mission. That part revolves around a certain family member, of which may not actually be in their claimed resting place.

Finally, after days go by, Mission: Yozakura Family gets the gang to Skeleton Island, the location of Tanpopo. Futaba is the one who gets to shine in the beginning, with her battle with Akai. This fight literally heats up with Akai’s fire power, born from her tragic back story that’s got its share of understandable revenge. But even with her sympathy and empathy, Futaba knows that she still can’t let Akai win the fight. It’s here where her style of The Blooming is showcased, and while it seems like a simple technique, how it’s executed is a work of beauty.

Revealing more about this volume of Mission: Yozakura Family would be spoiling the good bits. And Volume Eight has a lot of good bits that should be kept under wraps for you to find out for yourself. Whether it’s a game of Old Maid or a fire fight, the battles on display here are immensely entertaining. Still, there’s that one big mission Taiyo and Kyoichiro must succeed at, but can they keep it hidden from the rest of the Yozakuras? Knowing how Mission: Yozakura Family tends to be, I fear something might slip…


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