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MANGA REVIEW | "Choujin X" - Volume Four

MANGA REVIEW | "Choujin X" - Volume Four

Azuma and Tokio have been the best of buds. They’ve had each other’s backs, although Azuma was almost always the one protecting Tokio. But now that Tokio had his Choujin powers unleashed, it has felt like Azuma has become the second banana of the two. However, that’s no longer the case, as Volume Four of Choujin X shows that Azuma’s abilities have finally awaken. Alas, he doesn’t exactly know how to control them.

For two entire chapters, Azuma and Tokio spend most of the panels beating the ever-loving crap out of one another. Since Azuma doesn’t know how to hold back his newfound Choujin powers, that means Tokio’s gotta take him out before too much damage is caused. And this fight goes everywhere, from abandoned buildings to busy highways. Throughout it all, nothing is held back!

Those first 70+ pages of Volume Four are a showcase of what author Sui Ishida can conjure up with pen and ink. The level of carnage, chaos, and delightful anarchy that Azuma and Tokio toss at one another is something you’d sooner see in something like One-Punch Man or even My Hero Academia. But here, it’s two newbie Choujin users tossing everything at one another until one of them finally goes down. And it’s truly glorious!

Of course, we expect Tokio to calm his friend down. Once he does, Azuma comes to terms that he needs to learn how to control his skills better. Fearing that he’ll be pushed to the brink of madness again, Azuma demands assurance from his comrade that he’ll take him out if he breaks like that again. Tokio does one better, promising to keep his pal on the straight and narrow for the good of both their friendship and the fate of humanity.

Now here’s a little something interesting: there’s an actual “Choujin X”. (I always thought the “x” was a placeholder for each person’s powers.) And whether they’re a force of good or evil will seal the fate of all humankind for years to come. If they’re noble, evil will easily be vanquished; if they’re black of heart, then say “bye bye” to any shred of normalcy society may have. But the question remains: who is — or will be — Choujin X, and is it one of our various protagonists?

The answer to that isn’t revealed in the slightest, but we do get a fun little training story on a deserted island. After a little fan-service fun at the beach, Tokio, Azuma, and Ely attempt to hone their skills better. Tokio tries partial transformation, Azuma weapon creation, and Ely…something that isn’t poop-shaped. It’s a nice little comedic breather that is needed after ear both an epic battle and a stakes-raising discussion.

But there’s danger afoot, and it’s coming towards the island. Although what’s in store is only slightly unveiled, the ramifications of what’s about to occur can only be imagined. And if what we have witnessed thus far is any indication, Choujin X is only just getting started. Volume Four is exciting, funny, and even a little endearing, and it finally sets up our main Choujin trio towards becoming the most powerful beings around. Still, the question remains: will the path of good be in their sights, or will the evil have landed in a way that entices them towards something far more devilish?


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