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MANGA REVIEW | "Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead" - Vol. 11

MANGA REVIEW | "Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead" - Vol. 11

Not anyone can go through at 1,300 kilometer pilgrimage. But when the world is overrun by the undead, one tends to find that there’s time for just a task. As Akira and the Zom 100 gang traverse through rough paths and unkind humidity, there’s an appreciation for peace and mindfulness that comes through the hardships. But that enlightenment goes out the window in the second half of Volume Eleven, with the gods blessing the team’s journey with complete debauchery!

The pilgrimage is filled with many highs and lows, as Beatrix takes the lead on this latest journey. Although the boys find themselves complaining when the going gets tough, the foreigner finds a way with words when it comes to pure encouragement. However, that goes out the window when the blonde leader finds herself kidnapped by murderous thieves, and it’s once again up to everyone to rescue a friend in need.

A big theme of trust plays heavily into “Pilgrimage of the Dead”, with the first obviously dealing with the journey itself. As Beatrix mentioned, many have died trying to do this Shikoku Pilgrimage. Thankfully, Akira, Shizuka, and the rest have gone through worse since the outbreak (and even before), so they trust that such a test — no matter how difficult — won’t be the roughest thing they’ve ever done. Of course, having villains hiding in the shadows throws a few hurdles on the path of peace and prosperity.

But it’s arc’s villain’s backstory where we see how trust can lead to awful situations. Backstabbing coworkers, yakuza taking one’s family, and even the law itself finds it going against a man who has trusted one too many people. And that mentality definitely will break a person, pushing them towards a path of greed and murder. Mind you, it doesn’t excuse his actions, but it does present an understanding reason for why he chose such a dark path.

Maybe it’s this aspect that allows Beatrix to help them towards the end, even when it was his goons who kidnapped her in the first place. The Shikoku Pilgrimage is one that celebrates life, peace, and trust amongst your fellow human. And while this villain has been pushed far into the darkness, it takes one good gesture to bring them back towards a path of light. (It also helps to have a hoard of zombies awaken what’s most important in life.)

Which now leads to “Cruise Ship of the Dead”, a reward of sorts for both the Zom 100 characters and their fan base. A giant boat filled with the horniest people on the planet comes sailing by, and the gang takes the opportunity to jump on board. There’s drinking, sex, good eats, sex, relaxation, sex, sex, and…well, you get the picture. Although Kencho is quick to dive into the lovefest, Akira is somewhat hesitant to partake in such forbidden fruit. And before he can make some sort of decision between his heart and his loins, someone forgets a major zombie rule: if a door’s locked with no means of opening it, it’s best to let it be!

And the zombies crash yet another party. Beatrix and Shizuka are the MVPs as they do their best to throw the undead overboard, whilst Akira finds himself in a locked room with a naked woman. It’s here where Akira’s heart overcomes the libido, as he makes it clear that he loves someone else. Unfortunately, that someone stumbles into the room and completely misreads the situation again. Thankfully, she and Akira will have plenty of time to clear this whole thing up, considering where they now find themselves in the aftermath…

Volume Eleven of Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead has a great mixture of heart and hilarity. It also earns its Mature rating with “Cruise Ship of the Dead”, with a tale that’s as action-packed as it is sexy. With Akira and Shizuka now separated from the rest of the gang, one wonders if we’ll finally see some relationship progress between the two of them. We’ll have to see what this new location delivers for the two of them, as Zom 100 has shown that there are far too many zombies hanging around to get even slightly intimate. (Unless you’re Kencho, who almost always manages to get lucky!)


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