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Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 128 | Rocket Kings

Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 128 | Rocket Kings

Rocket Kings certainly have a happy-go-lucky vibe coming from them. Even if the song lyrics may sound sad, they still take on the darkness with a smile on their face. Their latest album Paving the Way is both uplifting and solemn, as they punch negativity in its face with rainbow-colored brass knuckles. Even if you want to let your black heart take over, the melodies and lyrics found in Paving the Way will paint your blood-pumping organ red again! With a unicorn-drawn carriage, Rocket Kings have arrived to present another dose of happiness in this week's Shameless Tuesdays!

Here's what Rocket Kings have to say about this week's playlist, which they've dubbed "Singa-longa-super-pop":

We have always been a fan of the 3-minute pop song and love a great hook. We have tried to give this playlist a huge sense of fun, which is what Rocket Kings always try to do with our music, both recorded and definitely when we play live. If we are not having fun, then it is difficult to expect the audience to be having fun too. It doesn’t mean that all the lyrics of these songs need to be overly chirpy and, in fact, there is a great art to writing a song with downbeat lyrics but a really hummable melody, so the listener has to delve into the lyrics to work out if the song is coming from a sad or happy place.

There is nothing like a great la-la-la or shooby-dooby-bop-bop to hook in a listener and with this playlist, we have included many of our favourite songs that have great singalong lines. We would defy anyone to put on SINGA-LONGA-SUPER-POP and not feel their mood instantly elevated. These are songs to make you smile for a long long while.

For more information on Rocket Kings, visit their official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check out their latest album Paving the Way below via their Bandcamp!

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