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MANGA REVIEW | "Cells at Work! White Brigade" - Vol. 1

MANGA REVIEW | "Cells at Work! White Brigade" - Vol. 1

The human body is a vast network of blood, bones, organs, and microscopic entities living inside. Cells at Work! showcased how everything works together to keep bodies healthy, as well as what goes on to heal people from scrapes, bruises, and even diseases. As the body is filled with many different kinds of cells, the idea of doing spinoffs seems like a sure thing. As such, the white cells get a chance to shine on their own with their own series Cells at Work! White Brigade.

White Brigade places its focus on Band Cell, a new trainee to the White Cell sector. He learns the ropes from the veterans, as he trains to take down bacteria and aid other cells with their tasks. As Band Cell takes in his training, he learns that even the toughest of cells out there started as a weakling like him. This fact is what keeps pushing Band Cell to be a better soldier in the war against disease and other things that hinder the human body.

On the surface a spinoff focused on the white blood cells sounds good. As they are tasked to fight off against every form of oddity in the body, one thinks that it’ll result in stories that focus on multiple forms of illnesses and human health follies. However, even when reading the first volume, it’s clear to see that Cells at Work! White Brigade has its work cut out for them. Worse, it already feels like writer/artist Tetsuji Kanie is running out of ideas.

It’s fun to see Band Cell on his first day at work, as well as see him reconnect with his friend Naive T Cell. The chapter involving Band Cell attempting to eat bacteria (which white blood cells have to do in order to survive) offers some solid food-based gags and laughs. However, stories involving a game of tag and Band Cell taking care of a young Myelocyte feel like retreaded ground from its source material. In these chapters, the laughs are scarce and the informative parts appear to be rehashed from the main series.

Even running under 140 pages, Volume One of Cells at Work! White Brigade overstays its welcome. Despite Kanie mimicking Akane Shimizu’s art style wonderfully, the content itself comes off drier than a bad case of psoriasis. Although there’s plenty of room to grow, the introduction to White Brigade doesn’t show much promise.


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