Allow me to paint you a picture of a moment in my childhood. It was right after Christmas, 1994. I had just gotten a Sega Genesis with Sonic 2 from jolly ole Saint Nick, and I was as happy as can be. It came time, however, to purchase my second game. Off I was over at KB Toy Works, looking at all the video games behind the counter. With so many choices to go through, a decision was quite tough, and with strict parents who forbade me from playing Mortal Kombat and any of the really cool MA-13 and MA-17 titles my choices were only those that fell into the GA rating.

That's where I laid my eyes upon it: Last Action Hero. I loved the movie a year before, with Arnold Schwarzenegger spouting classic catchphrases and having clever nods to other big-budgeted films. It was $29.99, so at the time I had to borrow a few bucks from my parents in order to purchase it. (With only getting two dollars a week for allowance, it meant a lot of borrowing from the folks for games.) There I was with Last Action Hero in hand, with a nice big smile on my face.

That smile would soon quickly turn into a frown that would signify a dark moment in my life-long gaming experience...

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