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Because He's A "BAD ASS"!

Because He's A "BAD ASS"!

He speaks softly, but carry the biggest stick out there. Although this is an over-the-top basis of the real person Tommy Slick who got into a fight on a public transit bus, Danny Trejo brings out the best in this character to extend a nine-minute YouTube video to a full-length movie.

The original man Tommy Slick was just enjoying his ride on the bus system, and this gentlemen that wasn't having too much of a nice day ended up getting into a verbal argument with Tommy. This man had dealt with stuff all his life, for at the time the incident the man was 67. At his age, to be able to knock the front teeth out of a kid 20+ years younger then him is quite remarkable. This is another reason why I wish people would not mess with one another on the transit system, because then they would get knocked out so everyone else could enjoy their ride to work, home, etc. With BAD ASS they give you more of a background story of this Mexican guy who took out a pair of skinheads on a bus and became a YouTube sensation. His backstory shows the simple things in life with growing up on a farm, and falling in love with  girl. He ends up going to Vietnam, deals with a lot of stuff, and ends up getting shot in the leg. When he returns he finds his woman with two kids, breaking his heart in the process. Seeing that he ended up going to Vietnam he ended up being tougher then nails.

As the story unravels the main character Frank Vega (Trejo)has trouble always following him, whetjer it's the liquor store, helping out a sweet little old lady, or just walking down the street. The reason for all the trouble is a USB thumb/flash drive, which is owned by Mayor Williams (Ron Perlman). This flash drive has important documents, and the character Klondike (Harrison Page) gets killed for being in possession of it. The flash drive was passed off to Vega before his murder, but the people who are looking for the information keep crossing paths with Vega and end up either out, mangled, or dead.

I really don't want to ruin this movie for anyone. BAD ASS is a great little action and gore-type movie. If you have Netflix you can watch this movie right off there, and no doubt this will be able to rent off Redbox. All in all this is an instant classic for me, and will probably end up watching this movie a couple more times. Yes, it's that good! I found BAD ASS to be as funny and action-packed as it should be.

FINAL GRADE: 9.6 (out of ten)


This is the actual footage of the fight that happened on the bus. This video contains violence and blood. If your squeamish, don't freakin' watch it!!!

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