Presenting a new weekly series showcasing online flash games that'll make the time go by ever-so fast.  This week: Crush the Castle.

Developed by Armor Games, Crush the Castle has players use a catapult to launch boulders big and small (and sometimes bombs) to knock down castles and kill (hopefully) evil monarchs in hilariously domino fashion.  You win each level once all the kings, queens, princes, princesses and knights are all bloody dead.  The higher the level, the more difficult the challenge.  However you will find yourself replaying these levels, trying to find other ways to kill and destroy.

There are two versions of the game: the original, and the Players Pack version (with levels made by fans and hand-picked by the creators).  Which one you wish to play first depends on how much time you've got to waste.  In any case, check out both versions for loads of fun and time-wasting enjoyment.

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