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FiOS Hits The Xbox!

FiOS Hits The Xbox!

I can't believe it! I'm able to watch live streaming TV right on my Xbox 360!

With Microsoft putting in their new upgrades for the main menu, they have turned the Xbox setup into something that resembles our Droid phones or Apple iPads. I didn't think it would be possible to put apps on the Xbox, but they have accomplished this. The new setup is pretty great, as you don't have to keep flipping through everything like you did previously. They have definitely made this a bit more user friendly, especially for Kinect users. I believe that this is what Microsoft originally wanted for Kinect, where you literally walk in, tell your Xbox "Turn on, bitch!" and give me my movies and cable TV; but when I'm bored with that it gives me my damn games. Now the true potential of the FiOS is that besides watching TV shows they will probably be able to do the set up of watching the onDemand programming.

TV Channels for FiOS:

  • CNN HD and CNN Headline News
  • DIY TV
  • MTV HD, MTV2 and VH1 HD
  • Turner Classic Movies
  • The Hallmark Channel
  • Nick HD, TV Land  and Nick Jr.
  • Cartoon Network and Boomerang
  • TNT HD and TBS HD
  • Food Network HD
  • Home & Garden TV HD,
  • Travel Channel HD
  • TruTV HD
  • Comedy Central HD
  • BET HD
  • HBO HD, HBO2 HD and MAX HD.

Next to the FiOS app they have many more coming in such as UFC, MLB TV, and much more. I'm not sure when they're supposed to be going up, but I'm looking forward to it. Just make sure that you don't have a lower-end Xbox with the low memory built in; otherwise they will probably stop you from downloading a lot of these apps. So for all those with an Xbox and FiOS: Enjoy!


  • Synchs with FiOS without entering some special code
  • Good selection of channels, some in HD


  • Not a cable box substitution
  • Doesn't get all the basic channels or all the movie channels you pay for
  • Noticed skipping, unintentional reversing of shows
  • Lacks pause/rewind/forward controls

By the way: If you're wondering about the Comcast app, King Baby Duck will be able to follow up with that. (He has that for his cable provider.) Also I don't trust Comcast much.

P.S.: A scary thought is if they ever think of making a Chat Roulette app with the Kinect. Let's just say that would not be a good thing.

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