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These Graphics Are Crazy, But The Controls Are Making Me Reflex My Lunch

These Graphics Are Crazy, But The Controls Are Making Me Reflex My Lunch


All right, point me to the person who messed up this game.  I’m sorry, but this is upsetting to me.  I have had the other MX vs. ATV, and this one has to be the worse.  They made such simple controls on the game even crappier.


Another thing that I have noticed from this series is that you are not able to do any back flips in the game. If you’re not a person that follows Motocross or ATV, there have been some serious accomplishments in doing just insane tricks on a massive scale.  (Check out the double back flip in the video below performed by none other than Travis Pastrana)

Now for what I’m going to have to say about this game is it's impressive graphic-wise, but the one thing that is killing it is the damn controls. With the setup that they provided, it seems like it’s a multitasking overkill.  I’m all about multitasking, but if you can’t keep everything together on this game --especially in racing -- then you are going to be fine.  But when you go and try to accomplish tricks in the freestyle segment of this game, you will most epically fail; that is until you have the controls down pat.  Even trying to get the preloading of the shocks down (so that you can launch yourself up high enough to perform a trick) is a task within itself.

Another new thing that was added to this game is the capabilities of saving yourself on a landing. But still an issue remains (through all my gaming of these types of recreational vehicles).  They're just as a complicated as the controls, especially with the setup if you hit the landing wrong.  Then a green arrow will pop up pointing in the direction that your character on the screen is losing his balance towards.  Most of the time it happens so fast that you can’t think to correct it while it’s happening.


I think THQ is going to have to go back to the drawing board on fixing how the games interactions are from the real-life situations. I think they need to go with the green screen effects, and need to set up a course with the cameras and using the black suits with the white balls they attach to them.  That way they can record actual movement of how a dirt bike goes through mud, sand & gravel, and how it goes for jumps/landings.  It really is pathetic that when I’m racing the character on the screen, instead of being held up on muddy curve that has a carved corner like I would in real life, I end up sliding off the race course into signs and other such stuff found on the sides of the courses.


I would like to get my hands on the actual game to give a more in-depth analysis, because it seems like the demo isn’t doing any justice for me to even desire to buy a copy of the game.  Well a plus when you’re doing the racing is that they have a hot girl holding the race card shaking her hips back and forth.

With the demo, you are capable of trying the Motocross bike and ATVs, but there is the eye-candy of the sport buggy.  Yet the game has 7 Vehicle classes, which are ATV, MX, MX Lite (that’s the way they spelled it and I’m sticking to it), Sport Buggy, Sport Truck, Sport 2 Truck, and UTV. The website that is provided at the bottom of this article has the features, videos, vehicles, and more that I’m talking about.


So let me suggest that you seriously try the demo out before you buy this game.  As attractive as the graphics are -- because I know I love them -- for controls, just hope if you rent/buy/borrow this game, please set the controls to your liking. That way you don’t end up having your brain fried out doing a simple trick, in which you might not be able to land because of the game setup.

Company – THQ

Consoles – Xbox 360, Ps3, PSP, Nintendo DS

Type – Racing, Sports

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