"WataMote" Walks The Line Between Funny & Disturbing

Once in a great while, an anime series will come around that splits my opinions into two sides. On the...

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No Borders No Race: Episode Juu-Nana

King Baby Duck brings a semi-new format to the No Borders No Race realm, mirroring his old WMWM show just...

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Autism, Gaming, And Jessica Crosby: A One-On-One Special

King Baby Duck sits down with Nerdy But Flirty writer Jessica Crosby, who recently posted an article about how video...

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"Saints Row IV" Delivers On Presidential Fun & Off-The-Wall Hilarity

Batshit crazy-pants insanity! Those were the words that left my mouth each time someone asked me what Saints Row IV...

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No Borders No Race: Episode Juu-Roku

King Baby Duck has a few choice words regarding the recent Rolling Stone Best Live Acts list in a new...

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It's A Farmer's Life In "Silver Spoon"

Growing up in the North Shore of Massachusetts I found myself surrounded by the past and current trends of farming,...

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"A Thug in Time" Fun, But Not At Its Prime

A Thug in Time, a new game from Destructamobile, is a silly premise. Take a gang member in the present-day,...

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Episode CXC: MMA In Exoskeletal Suits

Blueonic returns from Vermont, with his belly filled with Ben & Jerry's and Dutch pancakes and his Canadian tolerance ever-so...

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Mermaid Comedy "Muromi-san" A Wet & Funny Time-Killer

Sometimes we need comedy for the sake of comedy. No real points, no morals or values, and created for the...

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"Whispers" Echo Loudly In New Highway Hymnal Debut

Sometimes we all need to let the wild man take control. Let loose, pierce the adrenaline to the highest degree,...

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