No Borders No Race: Episode Nana

After a two month hiatus the King returns with a brand-new episode of tasty musical goodness.

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Episode LXXXIV: And Who The Hell Is He?!

A new Bastard joins the crew...

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Devilish Charm Fills Clichéd "Beelzebub"

After watching four episodes of the new anime comedy Beelzebub, I keep finding myself asking the same three questions about...

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Episode LXXXIII: Green & Yellow! Green & Yellow!

The Bastards gear up for the Super Bowl, even though their beloved Pats are not playing in it.

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A Massive "Bulletstorm" Raises Anarchy In Demo

It's only January, but already the B3 crew has bore witness to probably one of the best first-person shooters of...

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Episode LXXXII: And The Oscar Goes To...Chuck Norris!

And if he were nominated, he'd make sure he'd sweep the ceremonies...with his roundhouse kick!

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Bucky's Magical "History (and Mystery)" Tour

R. Buckminster Fuller was a man with plenty of ideas, as well as the initiative to get said concepts done...

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SpecialThanks's "SEVEN LOVERS" Happy, Misguided First LP

There's merit in trying to sing in a language you're not familiar with; a lot of musicians have tried it,...

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"Two Worlds" Sequel Entertains, Despite Its Flaws

The saying "If at first you don't succeed, try try again" doesn't really fly in the video game world. Whenever...

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Episode LXXXI: Hail To The King, Baby!

After recovering from the bad case of the common cold Blueonic returns for a brand-new episode.

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