Considering Sony’s stance on censoring games as of late, it turns out that the Nintendo Switch of all hardware is becoming the go-to platform for “dirty” import games. This was especially true with the latest Senkan Kagura game, the raunchy Peach Ball; and now we have Compile Heart’s Gun Gun Pixies, which definitely isn’t a title for the kiddos.

The game does have some repetition that can take a while to get over, along with loose controls that force you to work a little harder for precision aiming. But if you can get a hang of how everything handles over the first few missions, you’ll find a detailed, silly story that will keep you hooked throughout. Oh, and yes, there are lots of “dirty” moments for you Compile Heart fans to soak in.

Like the PlayStation Vita game before it, Gun Gun Pixies concentrates on two small alien women, Bee-Tan and Kame-Pon. They’re on a mission to save their home world of Pandemo, which requires a bit of human study. So, naturally, they land in the midst of a female dormitory, where problems arise between friends. But rather than just standing by and letting psychology do their thing, the alien girls decide to unleash their “Happy Bullets.”

Gun Gun Pixies 1

With their ammunition in hand, it’s up to players to take aim at certain spots on the college women in an attempt to lift up their spirits – and their endorphins. It’s a bit silly, but as you make your way through each Episode, you’ll find new opportunities to help someone out. And that means more lewd moments, something that fans will no doubt be looking forward to.

The thing is, Gun Gun Pixies takes some getting used to. I noted the repetition within the game. This is not only true for most of the gameplay, but also the environments, as you never really leave the dormitory itself. There are various rooms, and some strategies that you can use when it comes to getting through each one, but it would’ve been nice to see more variety within the game.

At least the storytelling makes up for it. Along with hearing what the college girls are up to, you also get some playful banter between the alien girls, and see their relationship blossom pretty well over the course of the game. It’s surprisingly well-written, and not strictly slapped together just to get to the “lewd” moments within the game.

Gun Gun Pixies 2

There is some strategy to, um, “pleasing” your targets, as it were? You have to avoid their “incoming attacks,” which appear to be emotional endorphins on guard or something like that. If you get hit enough, your character will actually end up naked, which provides another humorous – if somewhat “fluffed out” – moment within the game. Some players will try to get hit on purpose, but I advise you to just complete each mission the best you can. You never know what scenario will come up next. (Like, say, the bathtub…?)

And, yes, if you want, you can also use a zoom scope to get a closer look at your, ahem, target. This is almost on the same level as peeping the girls in previous games (Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 comes to mind), but it does add to the fan value of the game. The gameplay is fun for the most part, but, again, it can be a drag in some spots, thanks to the loose targeting and the fact that the general nature of the game doesn’t really change much. Some players will like where it is, but I would’ve preferred a new challenge – or at the very least, some additional targets? And I’ve already explained what I want out of environments.

There’s also a requirement for stealth in some places, as sometimes you’ll search laptops for info and just avoid getting spotted by the college women. It’s not as demanding as other games, but just keep an eye on where you’re at and avoid getting tagged. There’s also the chance to explore and find goodies, including additional details on the girls, as well as hidden coins you can spend.

Gun Gun Pixies 3

Story Mode is the main draw here, but Free Play lets you replay any missions you unlock over the course of the game, in case you want to try something again. Some fans will want to dig in, but others may want to skip ahead to something new, if only because they may be tired of roaming around that particular section of the dorm.

The visuals look good. Despite the fact that the environments don’t offer much change, the animations are cute, and the design of the characters is pretty novel – especially the alien girls. And the game runs at a pretty solid pace, with barely a hint of slowdown when you’re, um, letting loose with your shots. I just wish the audio was better. The voice acting isn’t bad, but the music just sounds forgettable, to say the least. It kind of takes away from the loony nature of the game, as I expected a little more fun loving. Maybe I’m just being finicky.

Gun Gun Pixies is an acquired taste. There’s a lot you have to get used to, like the somewhat quirky controls and the fact that the missions don’t change too much, outside of boss battles and special tasks. But the game has value for fans of the genre, especially when it comes to storytelling, unlockables and, of course, suggestive behavior. If that’s the thing you’re after, and you don’t mind a few quirks over the course of the game, this one’s worth aiming for.


The Good: Fun writing and a premise that has longer staying power than expected.
The Bad: Loose controls and repetition on some of the stages.
The Ugly: Taking enough damage to be stripped bare.

SUMMARY: It may not be for all tastes, and it’s got its fair share of problems, but Gun Gun Pixies will appeal to fans of this sort of thing.


Promotional consideration provided by PQube Games. Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch.

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